Nov 2, 2016

It is your duty to plant a money tree. For yourself. For your future generations.

It is your duty to plant a money tree, for yourself and for your future generations.

The rich do this. Bill Gates does it. Even though he plans to give his £70 billion fortune to charity, his kids will get enough so that 'they are never going to be poorly off.'

You say, yes, I know, but where do I find the resources to plant a money tree?

You have a vote, right? You own your country, right?
You have the resource and the power. Use them.

First, you plant the money tree, with the help of your politicians. There is a great example to follow. The "Governor who gives dividends" planted a big money tree in Alaska in the 1970s. For many decades, Alaskans have been receiving money from this big money tree. Every year, millions and billions of dollars drop into the pockets of Alaskans.

Then, you need to nurture and protect the money tree. Or else, some rogue politician will hack the tree down. Alaska is again a great example. If Alaskans don't protect their money tree, it will be gone very soon.

Why a citizen dividend?

Why must countries provide a citizen dividend?

The case is very well presented by the Goenchi Mati Movement. Please read their post on this.

'Our core principle is that minerals are inherited assets and a part of the commons. Hence either the minerals or their financial equivalent in other “non-wasting” assets must be available to future generations. Conceptually, replacing minerals with a Permanent Fund converts our mineral inheritance corpus into an asset that generates income perpetually, a perpetual annuity or a perpetuity. Since minerals are a part of the commons, the Permanent Fund continues to be part of the commons, and by extension, the real income is distributed as a commons dividend, equally to all as a right of ownership. Provided we maintain the real value of the Permanent Fund, this can happen in perpetuity.'

And their video on citizen dividend:

Sep 5, 2016

God save the Queen, and the Alaska Dividend

"The Permanent Fund belongs to all Alaskans. The Permanent Fund dividend belongs to each individual Alaskan and it should be used by each individual as he or she determines best. It should not be used to pay for government. Once we start raiding the fund and the dividend, we most likely will never get them back. It could easily become a slippery slope leading to the ultimate demise of the fund and the dividend."
"Some think the dividend is a needless giveaway. But I believe that our natural resources, such as oil, gas, minerals, trees, marine life, etc., were put on this Earth by God to benefit all the people so that mankind would have a way to sustain itself. Therefore, I believe that every individual who walks on this Earth has a right to a reasonable share of these commonly owned resources, either directly or through some equivalent. The world's commons should not belong to individuals or to private corporations. They did not put the oil in the earth or the diamonds in the ground; therefore, the commons should not be theirs. Yes, individuals and corporations should make a fair profit or earnings from developing these resources, but since the resources belong to all the people in common, everyone should benefit."
(From: Fiscal plan must strengthen both Permanent Fund and dividend. Author: Dr. Jack Hickel. August 23)
The Alaska Governor had vetoed the payment of the Alaska Dividend, putting a limit of $1000 for the dividend. Left to grow freely, the Alaska Dividend is expected to reach $2000 per Alaskan this year, and will continue growing and growing, forever, as in a real life fairy tale.

Will God save the Alaska Dividend?
Will someone save the Alaska Dividend?

There is some hope: Walker faces possible legal opposition for PFD cuts. By Andrew Kitchenman, APRN & KTOO - Juneau - August 11, 2016

Will some judges in Alaska have the final say?
Will Alaskans have the final vote?

Jul 30, 2016

How to share the profit of capitalism?

With big income inequality and the real threat of job loss, it is more and more pressing to explore how to share the profit of capitalism. For example, when robots drive our vehicles, who is going to share the profit from the robot companies?

Here is a list of how profit of capitalism has been shared:
  1. No sharing. The capitalists exploit as much as possible and keep the profit. 
  2. Total takeover. The capitalists are exiled. The state takes over. The state takes the profit. 
  3. Small scale sharing where some employees are given shares. 
  4. Government redistribution through income/wealth tax, and giving some, only some, of the tax to the poor. 
  5. Big scale government sharing of the profit for the government itself. The government sets up big sovereign wealth fund to invest, reaps profit and keeps the profit for itself. The profit of capitalism is shared between the capitalists and the government. 
  6. Big scale corruption. The politicians get oiled by the capitalists. Profit is shared between politicians and capitalists. 
  7. The government sets up big sovereign wealth fund to invest, reaps profit and keeps the profit for itself. At the same time, the politicians manage the sovereign wealth fund and pay themselves handsomely. The profit of capitalism is shared between the capitalists, the politicians and the government. 
  8. Big scale sharing of the profit with everybody. The government, as an agent of the citizens, invests huge money, reaps big profit, AND returns the profit to every citizen equally. 
In all these approaches except the last, the normal average citizen gets nothing.

In most of the current debate about poverty and inequality, people focus on point 4 --- how to tax the rich. While important, this is not enough and has very limited effect.

The last approach is the best. It makes everyone a capitalist. There is no limit on how much everyone can get. Carefully managed over the long term, it will not be impossible that everyone makes a annual profit of $20,000 or more from the sovereign wealth fund.

UK has good democracy

Recent events show the great side of UK's democracy.

1. The people have the power, as shown in the Brexit referendum. Whatever the outcome, the people decide. The decision is not hatched in a dark Cabinet.

2. There is a neutral process to carefully scrutinize recent leaders' actions, as in the Chilcot report.

The democratically elected leaders are bound by the people's referendum, and are answerable for their actions.

Jul 21, 2016

Courageous politicians take away citizen dividends from babies, pensioners, and everybody

"I find it unacceptable that we would consider taking half of the PFD from children, seniors and elders, and those with disabilities to subsidize the most profitable corporations in the world."
(PFD: Permanent Fund  Dividend, an annual citizen dividend received by every Alaskan because he/she owns Alaska)
This politician who refuses to steal citizen dividends from babies and pensioners is branded a coward.

Yes. Those who take away citizen dividends from babies and pensioners, and in fact from everybody, brand themselves as courageous and doing the right thing.

Jul 20, 2016

In order to share the fruits of economic development with general public . . .

4 July 2016 
Wealth Partaking Scheme 2016 
In order to share the fruits of economic development with general public, the Macau SAR government has announced the “Wealth Partaking Scheme 2016”, under which, local permanent residents are entitled to receiving 9,000 patacas and non-permanent residents 5,400 patacas. With the Administrative Regulation No.17/2016 gazetted, the scheme comes into effect on 14 June 2016, and its implementation will officially start in early July.

Macau is sharing its wealth with all its residents, regardless of employment status or wealth. It has been doing this annually for almost a decade. 9,000 patacas convert to about US$1,125.

Macau is a good example of a citizen ownership democracy. Every resident gets a direct share of the country's wealth.

Citizens of other places on Earth, where is your direct share of your country's wealth?

Jul 9, 2016

What the police can do to stop killing drivers: Use drones

It appears that some police are too scared. They shoot first, fearing that drivers are dangerous and armed.

The police can use drones.

When two policemen walk towards the driver, one on the left of the car and one on the right, with their hands on their guns, their adrenaline is pumping, and the slightest miscommunication can be fatal for the driver.

Instead, the policemen can sit in their police car, and fly a drone to the driver. A simple drone can do the job. The police and the driver maintain a safe distance. Adrenaline levels don't shoot through the roof. This should be safer for everyone.

Jul 7, 2016

Facebook dictator closing its borders to non-Facebook users

Facebook, intoxicated with its power, is closing its borders to non-Facebook users. Facebook users can no longer communicate with non-Facebook users through Facebook.

Only dictators have done that to their countries, blocking communication between their captive people and the outside world.

Facebook users, do not stay in the captive world.

(Facebook insists that you log in to Facebook, otherwise, it blanks out the Facebook page.)