Jul 21, 2016

Courageous politicians take away citizen dividends from babies, pensioners, and everybody

"I find it unacceptable that we would consider taking half of the PFD from children, seniors and elders, and those with disabilities to subsidize the most profitable corporations in the world."
(PFD: Permanent Fund  Dividend, an annual citizen dividend received by every Alaskan because he/she owns Alaska)
This politician who refuses to steal citizen dividends from babies and pensioners is branded a coward.

Yes. Those who take away citizen dividends from babies and pensioners, and in fact from everybody, brand themselves as courageous and doing the right thing.

Jul 20, 2016

In order to share the fruits of economic development with general public . . .

4 July 2016 
Wealth Partaking Scheme 2016 
In order to share the fruits of economic development with general public, the Macau SAR government has announced the “Wealth Partaking Scheme 2016”, under which, local permanent residents are entitled to receiving 9,000 patacas and non-permanent residents 5,400 patacas. With the Administrative Regulation No.17/2016 gazetted, the scheme comes into effect on 14 June 2016, and its implementation will officially start in early July.

Macau is sharing its wealth with all its residents, regardless of employment status or wealth. It has been doing this annually for almost a decade. 9,000 patacas convert to about US$1,125.

Macau is a good example of a citizen ownership democracy. Every resident gets a direct share of the country's wealth.

Citizens of other places on Earth, where is your direct share of your country's wealth?

Jul 9, 2016

What the police can do to stop killing drivers: Use drones

It appears that some police are too scared. They shoot first, fearing that drivers are dangerous and armed.

The police can use drones.

When two policemen walk towards the driver, one on the left of the car and one on the right, with their hands on their guns, their adrenaline is pumping, and the slightest miscommunication can be fatal for the driver.

Instead, the policemen can sit in their police car, and fly a drone to the driver. A simple drone can do the job. The police and the driver maintain a safe distance. Adrenaline levels don't shoot through the roof. This should be safer for everyone.

Jul 7, 2016

Facebook dictator closing its borders to non-Facebook users

Facebook, intoxicated with its power, is closing its borders to non-Facebook users. Facebook users can no longer communicate with non-Facebook users through Facebook.

Only dictators have done that to their countries, blocking communication between their captive people and the outside world.

Facebook users, do not stay in the captive world.

(Facebook insists that you log in to Facebook, otherwise, it blanks out the Facebook page.)

Apr 30, 2016

Upright UK judges admirably refuse to let the ministers run amok with the laws

Part I: Upright judges refuse to let the ministers run amok with the laws

The UK set up a law to force benefits receivers to work for free.
One of the "enforced slaves" sued the government.
The UK government has lost all the way to the Court of Appeal.
Lord Justice Underhill, announcing that the decision of the high court had been upheld, said that in the cases of those claimants who had already appealed against their sanctions, the act was incompatible with their rights under the European convention on human rights. (The Guardian, 29 April 2016)
The UK judges have once again refused to let their ministers run amok with their laws.

Good upright judges form an essential component of a good democratic country. 

Saintly Election Promise

"If there is a situation where Bukit Batok residents' needs would compete with my own, I would always put Bukit Batok residents' needs above mine." (Murali Pillai, 28 Apr 2016, during a by-election in Singapore)
I hope voters keep this promise safely and cash it in when their needs arise.

Although it is great to have ultra altruistic and totally selfless politicians, it will be quite sufficient for politicians to return our confiscated citizen dividend.

Apr 29, 2016

International Workers' Day: Get rid of the proletarians

Karl Marx got it wrong.
He wanted to get rid of the capitalists.
We should be getting rid of the proletarians.

Huh? What? How?

Apr 28, 2016

The truth about the Singapore reseve

This video is made by the Singapore government, and is also available here.

For those very curious about the Singapore reserve, you won't be satisfied with this video. This is not a court of law where a witness must tell the truth, the complete truth and nothing but the truth. For example, after watching this video, you still won't know how much is in the reserve. Is it $1 trillion, $10 trillion, or $100 trillion?

Apr 23, 2016

Imagine a baby paying tax? Is this acceptable?

A lump sum tax on every living human being, where everybody has to pay the same amount. This is not a tax on income earners. It is on everyone.

A baby pays US$3,000.
A pensioner pays US$3,000.
A poor man pays US$3,000.
A rich multi-billionaire pays US$3,000.

This type of tax is too ridiculous, right?
Many apparently sane politicians in Alaska are proposing this type of tax. A few saner politicians counter-propose a smaller lump sum tax of $2,000. It could be a comedy, but it is real.

Raiding the Alaska Permanent Fund and its dividend is in effect a lump sum tax on every living Alaskan. The amount is about US$3,000 each for the first year. Who knows what the amount will be in the following years.

The politicians are talking about taking out a few billion dollars. That will be about US$3,000 per person, or even much more.

The day Alaska's fat cats started spending, they painted a target on the Permanent Fund. Clem Tillion
April 16, 2016:
"The fat cats with their greedy eyes look at that small 25 percent of the bonus and royalty revenue that has been well-managed and invested as if God gave them the right to plunder that, too."
Has François Hollande triggered a citizen dividend for France? The highest court in France declared that any tax above 66% is illegal and confiscatory. Raiding the Alaska Permanent Fund and Dividend is definitely way above 66% for many Alaskans. Imagine a baby paying tax? They should take their politicians to court.