Jan 16, 2016

Nobody owes you a living? Think again.

For a very long time, politicians like to tell their people that nobody owes them a living.

Imagine two men, Rob and Meek, are marooned on a big island. Rob, the more powerful man, immediately claims the entire island for himself. Meek has to pay Rob in order to eat any fruit or catch any animal on the island or from the sea. Since there is no money system, Meek has to slave for Rob.

And so Rob tells Meek, "Nobody owes you a living. You have to work hard to survive."

In the old days of kingdoms, this is accepted as the norm. The powerful simply enslaves the weak.

In the modern day of democracy, are citizens going to put their heads down and accept this nonsense?

The politicians are sitting on the enormous wealth of the country. They turn around and tell the people to work hard to survive.

Nobody owes you a living?

It is time to rethink. It is time for change. Politicians must create wealth for distribution to citizens. If they cannot accept this responsibility, they should just leave.

The post is motivated by this: Basic income for all could lift millions out of poverty – and change how we think about inequality.
"However, the most important advantage of basic income ... it could change the way we think and talk about poverty and inequality."
Most importantly, a basic income or a citizen dividend empowers us to rethink our relationship with the government. Should the government confiscate all the country's wealth, and tell the people to work hard to survive? Should the government invest the country's wealth to give good citizen dividend to its people?

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