Nov 2, 2016

It is your duty to plant a money tree. For yourself. For your future generations.

It is your duty to plant a money tree, for yourself and for your future generations.

The rich do this. Bill Gates does it. Even though he plans to give his £70 billion fortune to charity, his kids will get enough so that 'they are never going to be poorly off.'

You say, yes, I know, but where do I find the resources to plant a money tree?

You have a vote, right? You own your country, right?
You have the resource and the power. Use them.

First, you plant the money tree, with the help of your politicians. There is a great example to follow. The "Governor who gives dividends" planted a big money tree in Alaska in the 1970s. For many decades, Alaskans have been receiving money from this big money tree. Every year, millions and billions of dollars drop into the pockets of Alaskans.

Then, you need to nurture and protect the money tree. Or else, some rogue politician will hack the tree down. Alaska is again a great example. If Alaskans don't protect their money tree, it will be gone very soon.

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