Sep 5, 2016

God save the Queen, and the Alaska Dividend

"The Permanent Fund belongs to all Alaskans. The Permanent Fund dividend belongs to each individual Alaskan and it should be used by each individual as he or she determines best. It should not be used to pay for government. Once we start raiding the fund and the dividend, we most likely will never get them back. It could easily become a slippery slope leading to the ultimate demise of the fund and the dividend."
"Some think the dividend is a needless giveaway. But I believe that our natural resources, such as oil, gas, minerals, trees, marine life, etc., were put on this Earth by God to benefit all the people so that mankind would have a way to sustain itself. Therefore, I believe that every individual who walks on this Earth has a right to a reasonable share of these commonly owned resources, either directly or through some equivalent. The world's commons should not belong to individuals or to private corporations. They did not put the oil in the earth or the diamonds in the ground; therefore, the commons should not be theirs. Yes, individuals and corporations should make a fair profit or earnings from developing these resources, but since the resources belong to all the people in common, everyone should benefit."
(From: Fiscal plan must strengthen both Permanent Fund and dividend. Author: Dr. Jack Hickel. August 23)
The Alaska Governor had vetoed the payment of the Alaska Dividend, putting a limit of $1000 for the dividend. Left to grow freely, the Alaska Dividend is expected to reach $2000 per Alaskan this year, and will continue growing and growing, forever, as in a real life fairy tale.

Will God save the Alaska Dividend?
Will someone save the Alaska Dividend?

There is some hope: Walker faces possible legal opposition for PFD cuts. By Andrew Kitchenman, APRN & KTOO - Juneau - August 11, 2016

Will some judges in Alaska have the final say?
Will Alaskans have the final vote?

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