Nov 2, 2016

Why a citizen dividend?

Why must countries provide a citizen dividend?

The case is very well presented by the Goenchi Mati Movement. Please read their post on this.

'Our core principle is that minerals are inherited assets and a part of the commons. Hence either the minerals or their financial equivalent in other “non-wasting” assets must be available to future generations. Conceptually, replacing minerals with a Permanent Fund converts our mineral inheritance corpus into an asset that generates income perpetually, a perpetual annuity or a perpetuity. Since minerals are a part of the commons, the Permanent Fund continues to be part of the commons, and by extension, the real income is distributed as a commons dividend, equally to all as a right of ownership. Provided we maintain the real value of the Permanent Fund, this can happen in perpetuity.'

And their video on citizen dividend:

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