Feb 11, 2014

A fantastic citizen-ownership democracy: the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation

Within the USA lies a fantastic citizen-ownership democracy, which pays citizen dividends that will make the Alaskans green with envy and make the rest of the world turn into a mixture of green, red and white, with an extreme mix of emotions.

The Alaskans get their citizen dividend from the Alaska Permanent Fund, which is about $1000 or $2000 per resident each year. So, over a 20-year period, an Alaskan will get, perhaps, $20,000 to $30,000. It's good money, even enough to fund a child for a college education if the dividend is saved carefully.

But, look at the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation. It is a citizen-ownership democracy. Wealth made by the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation is shared with the people. Half the wealth is given out in equal cash amounts. Cash for minors is kept in trust, till the minors reach 18/21 years old.

Guess how much each minor has in the trust?

Those minors turning 17 years have $113,000 each.
(This is a 2011 market update & investment performance report by the Division of Budget & Finance, Office of the Treasurer, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.)
That money is their accumulation of 17 years of citizen dividend. It is many times the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend.

As adults, they will continue to get their citizen dividends.

Citizens all over the world should seriously ask why they are not getting their citizen dividends.

(Here is a great blog post about this Cherokee Nation citizen dividend:
Cherokee Tribe Proves Citizen's Dividend Works)

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