Oct 14, 2012

Monkeys are unhappy with inequality.


Monkeys reject unequal pay
Even monkeys are not happy with unfair treatment. A further point is that the feeling of unhappiness shows only in the monkey being unfairly treated. The better treated monkey happily enjoys his income.

Humans also abhor inequality.

The citizen-ownership democracy aims to address part of the inequality. If rich people enjoy income purely from their ownership rights, why are citizens not enjoying income from their ownership rights? Rich people may own houses and shares, and they get rentals and dividends. Citizens own even more. Citizens own their country (every physical and non-physical part of their country that is not privately owned) and yet receive zero income from their ownership  Alaskans are the only exception.

Humans are more advance than the monkey. Many better treated humans are working to have more for the poorly treated humans. There is a world-wide movement BIEN for basic income - an unconditional regular payment to all citizens. Citizen-ownership provides a foundation to justify and to calculate the amount.

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