Dec 25, 2012

The Earth belongs to everyone.

The Earth Belongs to Everyone

Articles & Essays by Alanna Hartzok

The book sets
"forth the vision and ethical foundation for a new form of democracy, which I call Earth Rights Democracy. In such a democracy, the contract between people and their government contains three primary components:  

1. The equal right to land and natural resources is a fundamental human right.  
2. The earth and all her life forms have a right to biological and ecological integrity and well-being.  
3. Taxation and other economic, social and political principles and policies should be based on these rights
Earth Rights Democracy establishes political democracy on the firm foundation of human rights to the planet as a birthright and is a key to securing other economic human rights. Earth Rights Democracy is an essential ethical framework for creating a world of peace and plenty for all."

Since everyone owns the earth, people are calling for earth-ownership income to be distributed to every person on earth.

This is a great ideal situation.

We can do it in stages. First, recognize citizen-ownership democracy. Let every country's citizens get their rightful citizen-ownership income. Later, someone can do some balancing among countries.

Merry Christmas
(25th December 2012)

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