Dec 22, 2012

Effective rights requires the distribution of resources

Flight of Minerva: Citizen's Income:
"My recent postings on human rights has caused me to think about the means to ensure that rights become effective, rather than simply formal, rights. Effective rights requires the distribution of resources, and one of the most radical ways to place real resources into the hands of all of us in a manner that treats us as equals, entitled to liberty and the opportunity to pursue our own conceptions of the good life, would be a Citizen's Income. A citizen's income is not a minimum wage, but a non-means tested income which is provided for all citizens on the basis of their personhood and their membership of a nation state."

"Effective rights requires the distribution of resources."

Yes, a voting right is not effective in eradicating poverty. A voting right requires a complementary ownership right. Democracy needs to evolve to citizen-ownership democracy.

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