Dec 20, 2012

Monkeys will rather starve than hurt another monkey

Hardwired for Morality
"In a 1964 research project, (Whechkin and Masserman) rhesus monkeys were trained to pull a chain to obtain food. Then the food delivery mechanism was modified so that pulling the chain delivered an electrical shock to a companion along with delivering the food. On observing this, each monkey tested ceased to eat. They found it preferable to go hungry than to cause pain to another.

One went 12 days without food; apparently preferring to starve itself rather than hurt another."

Morality of Deprivation of Citizen-ownership Income

Citizen-ownership income is a rightful income for all citizens. When deprivation of citizen-ownership income leads to poverty and extreme poverty, there is clearly a moral issue.

Here are the moral options facing political leaders:
(A) Withhold citizen-ownership income while the poor suffer starvation, lack of education, abusive jobs, etc.
(B) Recognize and distribute citizen-ownership income and through that process eradicate poverty.

There is hope.

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