Oct 30, 2012

Singapore: Rich babies get more welfare than poor babies

How much child benefit does a Singaporean baby get?

The baby gets a "cash gift" of $4,000 (divided into 4 payments). Although a baby, as a citizen owner of Singapore, should rightfully be getting a citizen income of $9,000 annually, he only gets a one-time "gift". This amount is regardless of the parents' income or wealth.

If the parent is rich enough to put $6000 into a special fund, the government will add $6000 into that fund. The maximum amounts that the government will match are:
 1st child $6,000
 2nd child $6,000
 3rd child $12,000
 4th child $12,000
 5th child $18,000

If a parent of 5 kids is rich and can put $54,000 into this fund, the government will put $54,000 more for him.
If a parent cannot afford to save any money, the government will match that with $0.

Is Singapore the only country where rich babies get more welfare than poor babies? Uniquely Singapore.

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