Oct 30, 2012

Basic Income Worldwide: Horizons of Reform

Basic Income Worldwide: Horizons of Reform

This is a new (September 2012) book about Basic Income, edited by Matthew C. Murray and Carole Pateman.

Some people consider citizen-ownership income as a form of Basic Income. Citizen-ownership income is income based on the country's wealth that is co-owned by citizens. As citizens are owners of their country, any wealth that is not privately owned is co-owned by all citizens.

A comparison of Basic Income and Citizen-ownership Income:

Basic Income
Citizen-ownership Income
Who gets it?
Every citizen/resident
Every citizen
Citizen ownership right
How much?
Survival rate
Depends on common wealth
Where does the money come from?
Not specific.
People tend to think of extra taxation to fund a Basic Income.
From the monies generated from common wealth, e.g.
. sovereign fund returns
. oil revenues
. land sales
. permit auctions
Typical amounts
A wide range.

A few hundred a year or a few thousand a month.
$1000 - $2000 every year (Alaska Permanent Fund)

$9000 every year
(Estimated for Singapore)

Have you ever wondered why as a citizen-owner of your country, you have not received regular income from your vast ownership? 

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