Oct 31, 2012

Wake up Bahamians - Take Back Your Country!

Wake up Bahamians - Take Back Your Country!:

"Sometime before Christmas a map showing the proposed new boundaries was published which showed drastic changes in the Constituency boundaries. I called it gerrymandering at its worst, a blow to the democratic system.

I maintained, among other things, that gerrymandering made it impossible for people to get to know the candidates, or candidates to know the people. Furthermore, it leant itself to enabling votes to be "packed" into areas in order to sway an election."

Democracy has not been very good. Citizens get a vote, but they cannot even decide where they can vote. In some countries, candidates have to jump many hoops and loops to appear on the voting slip.

For a long time, other political systems have been tried. The most important part is how to distribute wealth. Alaska is currently the best model, with national wealth going directly and equally to all residents.

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