Feb 25, 2016

Citizens should think like Warren Buffett: Learn to relish dividends

Why Warren Buffett Hates Paying Dividends but Loves Dividend-Paying Stocks
"We relish the dividends we receive from most of the stocks that Berkshire owns, but pay nothing ourselves."
Citizens should think like Warren Buffett. Learn to relish dividends.

Forbes also say so: "Dividends Really Do Matter"
 "Using the market as a means to collect cash payments from companies–it’s called dividend investing, and Wall Street hates it. Investment banks don’t get paid huge advisory fees when a company sends out checks rather than engage in a massive acquisition. Dividend payments don’t generate the commissions for the brokerages that share buybacks do. Wall Street turns a cold shoulder on dividends because there’s nothing in it for them.
That’s a shame for investors, because around 90% of the market’s long-term return can be linked directly to dividends–the basic yield and then the growth over time of that coupon. Only about 10% of the return comes from stocks moving (going up) independently of the dividend."
You can up-size this to a country level. Now you know why some people and organizations hate citizen dividend.

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