Feb 8, 2016

Alaskans do not want Governor Walker to walk away with their citizen dividend

Alaskans urge lawmakers to not sink the Permanent Fund. February 7, 2016. By JAMES BROOKS.

Ordinary Alaskans are speaking up to protect their citizen dividend. "Their" governor wants to take away their goose that lays the golden eggs.
"There was only one clear and undeniable message from Thursday: “Gov. Hammond’s noble experiment of making the people the agents and protectors of the Permanent Fund was pretty successful.”
The biggest enemy of a citizen dividend is the rouge politician.

A great comment from there:
“This is an extremely regressive move. …You’re essentially balancing the budget on the backs of ordinary people. … You cannot continue this spending machine … and funding it by taking away people’s Permanent Fund Dividend.” — Ray Kreig, Anchorage
The citizen dividend belongs to every Alaskan. Taking away the dividend means a 100% tax on the very poor. Confiscation of citizen dividend means a very bad regressive tax. Poor and moderate income families are going to be taxed very heavily (in terms of tax rate) while the rich will not even feel the tax.

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