Dec 11, 2013

Singapore welfare: How to spend and become a multi-millionaire over the next 2 years. Risk free.

This is the Singapore tax law. Spend $1000 and the government will give you cash of $1600. For example, buy an iPad Air for $1000, and the government will give you $1600. You get to keep your iPad, of course.

Before you rush out to spend, note that this welfare is only for companies.

If you are a smart money-minded individual, you should be starting up companies NOW. Every company can claim up to about $20,000. If you have 100 companies, you can get $2 million from the government.

If you already have companies, this is free money coming from the Singapore government.

Hurry. There is a time limit for this get rich scheme: 2015.

Note that you need to spend first and claim later from the tax department. If you are too poor to spend $20,000 up front, this welfare is not for you. This is the unique Singapore style of welfare.

If you think this is too good to be true, that this is either a scam or just a satire, I don't blame you. But think again, there is absolutely no fee, no secret formula software to download, no book to buy and no training course to attend. There is only one official link above, to the Singapore tax authority, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.

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