Dec 13, 2013

Mexico's Oil Pride, but no Citizen Dividend. Not yet.

Passionate debate on oil in Mexico
Mexican congressman takes off his clothes in angry protest at historic energy privatization bill as scuffles break out and doors barricaded | Mail Online:
Today’s historic vote in the Mexican Congress opening the country's state-run oil industry to outside investors for the first time in 70 years was preceded by passionate debate, fisticuffs - and one legislator’s striptease.
While the politicians argue that the oil "is ours", citizens are getting disillusioned:
“I laugh when I hear those arguments, ‘it’s our oil,’ ” said Enrique Sánchez, an engineer for a Pemex contractor. “I am still waiting for my payment.” 
“The rich will get richer,” said José Luis Gutiérrez, an oil platform welder preparing for a 14-day shift at sea. “It is our pride, our heritage, but up to now, the poor are still poor.” (NYT)
National or citizen ownership is commonly used in slogans, but it rarely ever leads to real cash. Mexicans should see the Oil2Cash video on how oil wealth can be distributed to citizens. Citizens need to struggle for their citizen dividends. A potential strategy is "No Second Term."

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