Dec 5, 2013

Macau, the land of citizen dividends (2014 Wealth Partaking Scheme)

Macau Chief Executive
The Macau government has promised another great year of wealth partaking, i.e., wealth sharing, with its residents. (2014 Wealth Partaking Scheme (pdf), Fiscal Year 2014 of the Macao Special Administrative Region, or here)

Macau is distributing 9,000 patacas to every permanent resident and 5,400 patacas to non-permanent residents.

One patacas is about one Hong Kong dollar. 9000 patacas is more than US $1,120.

Macau even gives old age allowance (7,000 patacas a year) and pension (3,000 patacas a month). In total, the elderly in Macau gets 5,166 patacas a month. That's US$650 a month.

And a long list of other wealth distributions.

Citizens of other countries should question why their governments are not doing the same.

Singaporeans should ask the same question.

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