Oct 8, 2013

Why women should not vote

Within a few years, the Swiss will go to the votes for or against an unconditional basic income (dailymailyahoo).

As the debate on unconditional basic income gain momentum in Switzerland and Europe  (reddit and stormfront), let us take a look at arguments against women votes, as described in http://www.johndclare.net/Women1_ArgumentsAgainst.htm

'The men [including women] of the time had any number of reasons why women should not be given the vote.   Most of them, today, we would regard as pure prejudice.'

'These are the arguments they came up with. Some of them might seem silly to you, but they made a lot of sense to people at the time:

- “Women and men have ‘separate spheres’.”
- “Most women do not want the vote.”
- “Women’s role is in local affairs.”
- “Women are already represented by their husbands.”
- “It is dangerous to change a system that works.”
- “Women do not fight to defend their country.”'

Another name for unconditional basic income is universal basic income. Everybody gets the unconditional basic income. It is universal, just like universal suffrage where everyone gets the voting right.

Many arguments against an unconditional basic income may make a lot of sense today. But how will they look to a future generation when unconditional basic income is as universal as universal suffrage now?

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