Oct 8, 2013

Who is the King of Sovereign Wealth Funds? (USA)

Here is where Americans can get their citizen dividends. Of the many and incomplete sovereign wealth funds listed in this report at the Oxford SWF Project, only the Alaska Permanent Fund is paying a citizen dividend.

Who is the King of SWFs? | Oxford SWF Project:
"There’s a solid case to be made that the United States is in fact the king of SWFs. No, I’m not talking about public pension funds; I’m talking about funds that would meet the IMF’s definition of a SWF."
"Here’s a list of American sovereign funds that combines the APF’s report with my own knowledge. And based on the fact that these funds keep popping up, I’m guessing this isn’t even a complete list:
  • Alaska: The Alaska Permanent Fund.
  • Louisiana: The Louisiana Education Quality Trust Fund.
  • Montana: The Montana Permanent Coal Tax Trust Fund (PCTTF).
  • New Mexico: The State actually has four different permanent funds that are all jointly managed by the State Investment Council!
  • Oklahoma: The State recently approved a new rainy day fund that will see gross production tax collections above a three-year average sequestered in the new stabilization fund. 
  • Texas: Remarkably, the State of Texas has two permanent funds going back to the 1800s!
  • Wyoming: The Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust Fund."

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