Oct 17, 2013

Democratic Kingdoms

"At some unfortunate turn in the history, the democratic institutions did not care, or had not taken adequate notice of the utter need of reforming the old power and authority oriented governmental forms of the past to suit the special needs of a government of EQUAL CITIZENS. Hence, those old forms of authoritarian establishments, along with all its old myths of princely wealth of the state, police, taxation laws, courts and jails had passed over, as it was, to manage the 'ruling' aspect of the government of equal citizens too !

All the mythological, and  fatal  attractions of old KINGDOMS had crept into democratic form of government too ! Hence, the SACRED REALM OF COLLECTIVE has transformed into a fierce field of fight for the crown. Democracy has become a legitimate fight for grabbing these much desired seats of power by professional groups specialized in the field."
The above quote is from this very insightful analysis of modern democracy.
A new theory of democratic society by Abraham J. Palakudy.

More extract from the conclusion of the above post:
"It is time that we, the people of this enlightened age wake- up the relevance of these subtle aspects of our life on the planet, and take the bridle in our hands, in order to be responsible to ourselves and to our future generations.

There is no confusion now as to what modern democracies should represent itself to its people. What they must represent is the 'sacred realm of collective' of the people, as described above in all details."
A collective ownership of our democracy in the form of citizen ownership dividend will be a step toward the "sacred realm of collective" of the people.

A citizen-ownership democracy will assert the sovereignty of the people instead of the sovereignty of the prime ministers and presidents. It will turn the current democratic kingdoms into true democracies where people get both political and monetary powers.

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