Aug 28, 2013

Who owns the country? A Bangladeshi opinion

Who owns the country? A Bangladeshi opinion by A Rahman Aug 2013

It is a very interesting piece about ownership of Bangladesh. It says that two big groups claim right of ruler-ship. Voters are just there to vote and nothing more. This is the same question asked in another post: Are you just a citizen or an owner of your country?
"It may sound ridiculous or even insane to ask the question – who owns the country? But in the context of Bangladesh, with its present political predicament, it is not so insane or ridiculous. In fact, it is the most poignant question at the moment."
In fact, it is the most poignant question in all countries. Who owns the country?
"The country seems to have neatly fallen into the hands of two ruling cliques (two royalties!) . . . To them, the country does not belong to the public; it belongs to them! The general public are only needed to cast votes every five years and give them the legitimacy of ‘democratic’ rule!"
Who owns the country?
Who owns the revenues generated from a country's common wealth? (not the private wealth owned by individuals and organizations)

The people or the 'democratic' kings?

This is the poignant question that will decide how civilization will evolve.

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  1. This is the chief question of mankind addressed to the modern democratic institution: who owns the country, the people or the professional political class ?
    When the latter is more equipped access political POWER in their hands, other claimants are irrelevant, as before power, all questions and logic turn DEAD ! POWER is the ultimate logic and answer. This is the tragedy of modern age - -institutionalized political power landing in the hands of wrong professional class through the means of DEMOCRACY !