Aug 28, 2013

The Art of Leading Questions

Question: Do you want 
a) more tax on yourself to fund the needy
b) less tax on yourself and uphold the self-reliant virtue of society

The point is tax and funding for the needy are not necessarily joined. 

Governments have been abusing this non-connection. Whatever they don't want to do, they will ask, "Do you want higher tax?" But, whatever they want to do, they never ask this question.

Funding for the needy can come from common wealth. Just returning the confiscated citizen dividend will be enough to eliminate poverty for many countries. Even returning 10% of oil revenue to citizens is enough to eliminate poverty in a few African countries.

The following is from here.
Chart 5: The chart shows attitudes towards paying higher taxes to fund social spending broken down by income - with those on the left prefering to keep taxes low even if it limits support to the needy. Those to the right prefer greater support for the needy even if it meant he or she had to pay higher taxes
Keep my taxes lowNeutralGreater support for the needy<$1,000$1,000to$2,999$2,000to$4,999$5,000to$6,999$7,000to$9,999>$9,999Overall0102030405060708090

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