Feb 4, 2013

Citizen Rights. Part 2. Social, Economic and Communal Ownership Rights

Citizenship rights include:
Civil and Political Rights (not to be killed, imprisoned or silenced, to vote and to be elected)
Social and Economic Rights (rights to resources for education, health, and welfare)

"We have an opportunity to embrace a new philosophy of the public sector, based upon the social rights of citizenship - one which is not only consistent with civil and political rights, but would also enhance the quality of citizenship in those spheres." Source: Raymond Plant. Citizenship, Rights, Welfare. Social Policy and Social Justice.

In other words, social and economic rights are important, even essential, in realizing civil and political rights.

Another class of citizenship rights is citizen-ownership rights and citizen-ownership dividends. Dividend from a country's common wealth should be distributed to every citizen. Citizen-ownership dividends, by enhancing the wealth of citizens, will enhance and allow social and economic rights, which in turn will enhance civil and political rights.

Civil and political rights are not sufficient to free people from poverty. According to UNESCO, freedom from poverty is a fundamental human right. We need social, economic and citizen-ownership rights to achieve a world free from poverty.

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