Jan 10, 2013

Million cow politics & iIdeology

World Ideologies Explained By Cows:
DICTATORSHIP - You have two cows. The government takes both and drafts you.
SINGAPOREAN DEMOCRACY - You have two cows. The government fines you for keeping two unlicensed farm animals in a HDB apartment.

The above web provides an individual property perspective at ideologies.

As citizens, we must widen our views beyond the two cows in our own farms. What about the millions of cows in the state farm? We, as citizens, own those also. Not the politicians and not the politician-appointed farmers.

What is happening to our common wealth?

Welfare Democracy - The State has a million cows. The politicians give the milk to the unemployed, poor or disabled. A huge, inefficient and ineffective machinery is established to filter out the undeserving from the deserving. 90% of the milk is consumed by the machinery. 5% goes to 20% of the deserving and 5% goes to those undeserving who beat the system.

Citizen-ownership Democracy - The State has a million cows. Following the Constitution, the milk is distributed equally to all citizens.

"Subsidized" Democracy - The State has a million cows. The politicians sell the milk through a state monopoly to its citizens at "subsidized" prices. Politicians don't know why the milk prices are higher than in other countries.

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  1. "It is estimated that only about 20 percent of the people eligible for livelihood assistance are actually receiving it."
    - Japan.