Nov 9, 2012

Singapore is a welfare state

UK is known as a welfare state.

What does UK pay for child benefit?
"At the moment, parents are paid £20.30 a week for the eldest child and £13.40 for subsequent children, with payments continuing until the age of 19 for those in full-time education."

In UK, a family with 8 children will receive £114.1 a week, £5,933 a year, and £112,730 over 19 years.

In comparison, in Singapore, a family with 8 children can receive tax benefits of over S$1,000,000. This is more than £500,000.

Singapore is a welfare state.

Follow up

One year later, it's official. Singapore is a welfare state.
'Foreign and Law Minister K.Shanmugam yesterday issued a challenge for anyone to find a government that is more "welfarist" than Singapore's.' (Nov 2013)

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