Nov 11, 2012

Citizen Education. Take back our country.

"It's time to take our country back."
Sarah Palin, 2012

This is a common expression when people are not happy with those governing the country, especially when the country is going down very badly.

A small way of "taking our country back" is a change of the governing party in a democracy. The Republicans go out, the Democrats come in. The Conservative Party comes in, the Labour Party goes out. We see these in democratic elections.

A big way of "taking our country back" is a revolution. All the elites are toppled and new ones take over. We see these recently in Egypt, and further back when the communists took back China from the nationalists.

Looking back in history, Kings and monarchies were toppled. Another king and another monarchy took over. New elites appeared. The poor subjects remained as poor subjects.

After many thousands of years, the poor subjects wised up. They chose a democracy where they could vote and topple a "king" without having to go to war and get killed for nothing. Other than the vote, the poor citizens remain as poor citizens.

For hundreds of democratic years, poor citizens have been taking back their country and giving it back to a new set of leaders. The cycles go on. The poor citizens remain as poor citizens.

Now is the historic time again for citizens to wise up. When you take back your country, you better take back the wealth that rightfully belongs to you. Voting power must go together with monetary power. You have to choose a citizen-ownership democracy.

Imagine you are the owner of an apartment. You appoint an agent to rent out the apartment. Your agent keeps all the rent payments. You kick out the agent, take back your apartment, and appoint another agent who is equally bad. How many times must the cycle continue? The next time you appoint an agent, you make sure there is a contract for you to get your rent.

Political parties in many states and countries are offering this contract. It is up to the citizens to wise up. Poor citizens need not remain poor citizens. Vote wisely for an equal share of your country's common wealth.

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