Oct 15, 2012

You own the farm � Rethinking the Rice Bowl

You own the farm � Rethinking the Rice Bowl: "In fact this year the government could afford to give a tax rebate or extra spending of $10,000 per Singaporean while not dipping into reserves."

"I have previously proposed privatizing Temasek and GIC and listing them on our stock exchange whereupon they would be required to be open and transparent about their performance. Shares would be distributed to all Singaporeans which you would be encouraged to hold for the long-term. After all their assets ultimately belong to you!"

This is from Kenneth Jeyaretnam's blog last year. He is absolutely correct on the $10,000 estimate. And he is absolutely right about ownership. This is citizen ownership income that rightfully belongs to every citizen. There is the Alaska Permanent Fund example to follow.

Even Animal Farm rightfully belongs to every animal there, not just a few pigs like Napolean or Squealer.

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