Oct 3, 2011

Mankind Evolution from Kingdom to COD Democracy

Humans have an instinct for fairness. What type of political system are we evolving to, that will allow every person a share in the common wealth and at the same time allow people to earn based on their capability?

In a kingdom, the king owns the entire country.

In a democracy, the ruling political party owns the entire country. Basically the ruling party does whatever it wants until it is kicked out.

In a communist country, the same happens as in a democracy. The ruling party owns everything.

How about we, the ordinary citizens? When do we own the country?

A better democracy is the COD democracy - Citizen-Ownership Democracy.

This is where the citizens own all the common properties in the country. As in other democracies, properties can be privately owned. Whatever revenue that is generated from the common wealth is distributed directly and equally to all citizens. Revenue can be generated when land pieces are sold or leased to private organizations or individuals. Revenue can be generated when people pay for use of road space, air space or wireless wave space. Revenue can be generated when the country's minerals are sold.

The world needs to evolve so that every person is a owner of his country - in tangible $ dollar terms and not just in slogans.

Ask what your country can pay you, because you are the co-owner of your country.

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