Apr 23, 2016

Imagine a baby paying tax? Is this acceptable?

A lump sum tax on every living human being, where everybody has to pay the same amount. This is not a tax on income earners. It is on everyone.

A baby pays US$3,000.
A pensioner pays US$3,000.
A poor man pays US$3,000.
A rich multi-billionaire pays US$3,000.

This type of tax is too ridiculous, right?
Many apparently sane politicians in Alaska are proposing this type of tax. A few saner politicians counter-propose a smaller lump sum tax of $2,000. It could be a comedy, but it is real.

Raiding the Alaska Permanent Fund and its dividend is in effect a lump sum tax on every living Alaskan. The amount is about US$3,000 each for the first year. Who knows what the amount will be in the following years.

The politicians are talking about taking out a few billion dollars. That will be about US$3,000 per person, or even much more.

The day Alaska's fat cats started spending, they painted a target on the Permanent Fund. Clem Tillion
April 16, 2016:
"The fat cats with their greedy eyes look at that small 25 percent of the bonus and royalty revenue that has been well-managed and invested as if God gave them the right to plunder that, too."
Has François Hollande triggered a citizen dividend for France? The highest court in France declared that any tax above 66% is illegal and confiscatory. Raiding the Alaska Permanent Fund and Dividend is definitely way above 66% for many Alaskans. Imagine a baby paying tax? They should take their politicians to court.

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