Apr 13, 2016

Alaska: The first citizen ownership democracy may soon disappear.

Senate unveils rewrite of Walker's Permanent Fund legislation

The first big citizen ownership democracy is Alaska. A few very good men, including Jay Hammond, started the citizen dividend fund in the late 70s and early 80s, distributing dividends to every Alaskan, every year for over 30 years.

The Alaska Dividend is held in high esteem, as a model for other countries to follow, as the path for civilization to progress.


This citizen ownership democracy may soon disappear. The politicians are planning to raid the fund.

Instead of taxing the rich, including the rich politicians themselves, the politicians have chosen to raid the fund that is equally enjoyed by the poor, the middle income and the rich.

It is much easier to raid the poor's dividend than to tax the rich. It is much less painful for the politicians.

Will this be the end?

Will there be a final struggle?

Will there be a resurrection?

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