Feb 13, 2016

The golden goose that lays golden eggs

One day, a village chief, called Jay Almond, led his villagers, known as the Akimos, into the forest to gather fruits. They found a big sparkling golden goose. They carried it back and put it right in the center of the village.

The next day, they found a golden egg under the goose. Every day, there was a new golden egg.

As a great sharing village, Chief Jay and the Akimos decided that the golden eggs should be sold and the money distributed equally to all villagers. Every Akimo was happy.

Many years and a few chiefs later, the new village chief, called Will Balker, decides that the village needs a grand fountain but there isn't enough money. Since the village is a democratic village, the chief gathers all the Akimos to vote on his plans:

Plan 1. Put all new golden eggs under the chief's fund so that the village will have the grand fountain and many other grand buildings.
Plan 2. Put every alternate day's egg under the chief's fund and pluck off a golden feather daily for the chief's fund.

Many Akimos are unhappy as their share of the golden eggs will be reduced drastically. However, some, especially the richer ones, are happy with the prospect of a grand village.

What should the Akimos do?
1. Vote for Plan 1.
2. Vote for Plan 2.
3. Vote out the village chief?

(All people and events are purely fictional. Any resemblance to people and events from Alaska in the north to Tasmania in the south, and from New York in the west to Hong Kong in the east are purely coincidental.)

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