Feb 15, 2016

Natives Americans practice citizen ownership and citizen dividend

Many Native American corporations practice citizen ownership and citizen dividend. Earnings from these corporations are regularly distributed to their citizen shareholders.

This is just one example.

Tyonek Native Corporation
"The shareholders of Tyonek are a strong and thriving community of nearly 800 people. Only 130 live in the Village of Tyonek, but most live within 100 miles of Tyonek, located about 40 air miles south of Anchorage.
Tyonek is made up of tribal members, shareholders, employees and stakeholders.

This includes our tribe, our village corporation and foundation, and others we count on for support."
Everyone is a shareholder:
'When a newborn comes into the shareholder community, first we say, “Congratulations!” Then, we help ensure that each child is properly registered with Tyonek Native Corporation as a new shareholder. Each newborn is given 10 shares in the Corporation. When the child turns 18, he/she receives an additional 90 shares, which brings them to the total adult allotment of 100 shares.'
So, children below 18 years old have 10 shares each and adults have 100 shares each.

In Dec 2015, the corporation declared dividend of $8.00 per share. That meant each child received $80 and each adult received $800.

The amount may be small. However the principle is most important. They believe in the ideals of citizen ownership and citizen dividend.

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