Feb 22, 2016

Advice to a young Alaskan: Never give up your citizen ownership right

There is this letter to the editor at adn.com on 20 Feb 2016:
Quid pro quo on PFD, Juneau
I am 12 years old and I want to give my thoughts on allowing the state government to use part of the Alaska Permanent Fund. I am in favor of allowing the state government to use some of the fund if they each take a pay cut and move the state capitol building to Anchorage.
I keep hearing my parents say there is no accountability when the lawmakers are so far away from the people. I am saving my Permanent Fund dividend money for college. If I have to give up something then our lawmakers should too.
— William Grant English
The spirit of the letter is great. However, please do not give up your citizen ownership right. You own the state's wealth. The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend is yours. Even if the lawmakers take a pay cut, they can easily restore their pay later. However, your very precious citizen ownership right, once lost, will be very hard to get it back.

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