Dec 7, 2014

Make Food Banks Redundant

There are two options.

Option 1. Enlarge the food banks. Put in more government money,

State must back food banks, says Welby: Archbishop of Canterbury steps into austerity row with radical report

"Archbishop called for £150m state-backed system to combat hunger in UK.
Archbishop is to launch a Parliamentary report in Westminster on Monday.
Report's proposals call for bigger food banks to distribute more free food.
Also asks for a provision for free school meals during school holidays."
Food banks are not without stigmas and do not reach everybody in need.

'We hate to be called a food bank'
"A new approach to tackling poor people's hunger recognises that food poverty isn't the only issue they are struggling with. "
Volunteers encourage more people to seek help from Loughton Foodbank
"Some people in need of support from a foodbank are to embarrassed to accept it, according to a charity.
Despite people living below the breadline being referred to Loughton Foodbank by GPs and job centres, manager Heather Scholer says some are wary of a stigma attached to accepting hand-outs. "

Option 2. Make food  banks redundant.

Give back the country's common wealth and investment returns to the people. Give back their citizen dividend, which is rightfully theirs. With a substantial citizen dividend for every citizen, food banks will become redundant.

There are many studies that show many countries can afford a big citizen dividend or universal basic income. It is matter of political will and citizen education, not monetary constraint.

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