Nov 26, 2014

Lessons from Singapore - The simple secret of Singapore's success

Lessons from Singapore (From the Telegraph)
"When British ministers scour the world for policy ideas, one country is most often singled out for praise and emulation: Singapore. In the mid-Nineties, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown travelled there seeking guidance on how to reform the welfare state, and came back promising a “stakeholder society”." 
"Whatever its democratic deficiencies, Singapore’s model has – with no resources and limited land – produced a small state, efficient public services, a competitive economy and high per capita income. There must be something we can learn from that."
The first lesson to learn is that Singapore is a country with plenty of resources.

Now, the simple secret of Singapore's success.

For every person in the country,

The person pays the government 
more than
  the government pays that person.

Money going from a person to the government is not just income tax or goods and services tax. There are many explicit, implicit and untold ways that money flows from a person to the government. The video below mentions just a few more.

This is the simple secret of Singapore's economic success.

If you wonder how any politician can win election after election with such a social system, that's another secret.

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