Oct 1, 2014

Citizen dividend: Everything is ready, except for the East wind.

Red Cliffs Battle. Waiting for the East Wind (From Wiki)
In the famous Battle of Red Cliffs during the time of the three kingdoms in China 2000 years ago, the defender had all the battle materials and soldiers prepared and waited for the East wind to blow, to bring the fire across the river to the attacker.

In Alaska, the Alaska Permanent Fund was set up 3 decades ago. Within a few years, the wind of citizen dividend started, and the investment money from the fund has been flowing in to Alaskans' pockets for 3 decades. This year, every Alaskan will get US$1884.

In Singapore, the permanent Singapore reserve was set up a few decades ago. Money has been pouring in to the permanent reserve with nothing coming out. It is big enough to easily distribute a citizen dividend of $10,000. When will the wind of citizen dividend blow?

In many countries, e.g., UK and Switzerland, that are looking at a citizen dividend or a universal basic income, their biggest problem is looking for the money. In quite a few countries, e.g., Singapore, Kuwait and Norway, the money is already there. Waiting. Waiting for citizens to really believe that they are owners of their country's sovereign wealth funds and other public properties.

Everything is ready, except for the East wind.

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