Aug 21, 2014

Your Honour, the thief should return my money

From Openclipart

People: Your Honour, the thief should return my money.
Judge: What are your grounds?

People: Because I am poor and I need my money
Judge: You are poor because you are stupid and lazy. You will squander it on alcohol and gambling. You don't deserve this money.

People: Your Honour, I will spend it on food and clothing. That will stimulate the economy.
Judge: I am afraid that will lead to inflation.

People: Your Honour, I won't spend all. I will save some.
Judge: You will become lazy and stop working if you get the money and have more savings. That will be bad for the economy and the country.

People: No, Your Honour, I will work even harder to earn more money.
Judge: Enough. How can this money be given to you when you have done nothing. It is the police who work to catch the thief, and I who work on this bench. The money must not be given to you so freely.

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