Aug 26, 2014

Want to raise the minimum wage? Take it to the ballot. A citizen dividend?

Want to raise the minimum wage? Take it to the ballot.:
by Claire Zillman @clairezillman AUGUST 19, 2014
Ballot initiatives have been used to push minimum wage laws through especially stubborn states. Take New Jersey for example. In January 2013, Republican Governor Chris Christie vetoed minimum wage legislation that state lawmakers had passed. At the polls ten months later, New Jersey voters approved a ballot initiative to boost the state’s minimum pay from $7.25 to $8.25 with 61% of the vote.
“A higher minimum wage is incredibly popular,’ says David Cooper, an economic analyst at the Economic Policy Institute. “If legislature is not being responsive to the public’s desires, advocates are going the ballot measure route because it’s been successful.”
Is there a similar way to decide a citizen dividend or a universal basic income through the ballet?

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