I often wonder why people are so apologetic about receiving the pfd. It's money you earned people! Your resources were sold and a fraction of the proceeds was invested and paid out to you later. Honestly the pfd points out the failure of government in that we do not see equal blessing from all resource sales. The fact is that most of our resources are given away or subsidized and we pay the cleanup tab. The rip of fisheries rationalization was that the resource IFQ's that belonged to all were given to the few, making medieval Lords whose sons, daughters, and neighbors cannot easily get into the marketing of a resource they are (arguably were) a shareholder of. We are an owner state and it's high time we stop apologizing for that as if groveling and masochism has become the new self respect! We are owners people, let's start acting like it and start working in our own (united) best interests. It is for such purposes that government was instituted among man (securing to individuals life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness).