Jul 5, 2014

UK: Upright judges refuse to let the ministers run amok with the laws

Court rules back-to-work legislation incompatible with European law (4 July 2014)

Justice Lang (from LMH)
Great Great Britain has upright judges who refuse to let the politicians play around with their laws and their people. Democracy needs upright judges to prevent dictatorial rule over the people. If first we have slave labour for benefits holders, soon we will be sending benefits holders to the front lines of war.
"The high court ruled on Friday that emergency laws introduced to shore up back-to-work schemes were incompatible with European law."
"Human rights lawyers successfully challenged emergency legislation introduced by the government after its flagship welfare-to-work schemes were ruled legally flawed. Mrs Justice Lang ruled that the retrospective legislation interfered with the right to a fair trial protected under article 6(1) of the convention on human rights."
"Critics say back-to-work schemes are "slave labour" because claimants are forced into unpaid work experience."
"The Department for Work and Pensions brought in retrospective legislation to overcome flaws identified by three appeal court judges in a case involving Poundland. The appeal court judges unanimously agreed that the 2011 regulations failed to give unemployed people enough detailed information, especially about sanctions – including loss of jobseeker's allowance – for refusing jobs under the schemes."

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