May 1, 2014

May 1. Basic Income day

Basic Income Day

'It is already the fourth time that the “Day of the Basic Income” is celebrated. No folkloric Labor Day, but a modern Basic Income Day! Work is no longer what it once was. The same applies for Labour Day. It is somewhat outdated to. The annual ritual demonstrations on May 1 are usually more folklore than when the labor movement took to the streets. Labor Day should not be about demanding ‘more jobs’ or higher wages. Labor Day should be about struggling for the emancipation from unnecessary labor, unchosen labor, exploited labor. It should be a celebration for reducing working hours, getting more leisure time, more freedom outside of the market forces. There is no free labor market when everyone is basically forced to find a job whatever it takes. Basic Income is the necessary precondition for allowing people to actually choose to enter or exit the labor market, and therefore to have a truly free economy. So that is why we declared May 1st, the “Day of the Basic Income”'

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