Apr 18, 2014

The wealth of nations (The Hewitt version) and the size of your citizen dividend

Public money wealth per capita
This picture is from a post on The Wealth of Nations, by Mike Hewitt, at http://dollardaze.org/ It was done in 2008, and the numbers are outdated. For example, Norway has 1 million Norwegian Krone per capita in 2014 just from the Norway sovereign wealth fund. That is about US$170,000, way more than the amount shown in the chart above.

An updated chart will be useful in calculating how much citizen dividend is possible just from the government's money wealth. This amount does not include other wealth assets such as oil, land, minerals and water.

Using Norway as an example, the sovereign wealth alone is US$170,000. If the sovereign wealth fund makes 5% return, that will mean a citizen dividend of US$8,500 for every child and adult.

The UAE, the top country in the chart, clearly can afford a huge citizen dividend just from its sovereign wealth fund.

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