Apr 14, 2014

Strangly, the reasons for not increasing tax on the rich are also good reasons for a citizen dividend

There is this argument at the economist on whether or not to tax the rich more. Let us see some of the arguments for not increasing tax on the rich.
1) "Should the rich pay higher taxes? Definitely not. Governments do not need any more money, and they misallocate much of what they already take from us. Furthermore, taxation imposes large deadweight losses on the economy, which makes us all poorer."
Yes, the governments (at least some) have so much money and they misallocate much of the citizen dividends that they already confiscated from us. Confiscation of our citizen dividends is a large deadweight loss on the economy and makes us all poorer.
2) "The most recent data for 2005 show that effective rates (taxes divided by income) for the quintiles starting at the bottom were 4.3%, 9.9%, 14.2%, 17.4% and 25.5%. That is a steeply graduated tax system. I would prefer a flat or proportional system because I believe in the American ideal of equal justice under law. But it is amazing that some people want to increase taxes on the rich when the top quintile is already paying a rate five times higher than the rate at the bottom."
Do not just look at income. Count in the confiscated citizen dividend as well. As this post shows, the reality is that the poor are paying close to 100% tax rate. We have a regressive tax, not a progressive one. It is time to rectify this.
3) "The rich have been pummelled with an effective rate of 25% or more for decades, while effective rates on the other four quintiles have fallen modestly."
The poor have been pummelled with an effective rate of 100% since the age of governments.
4) "That is the economics of tax hikes, but what about the politics? The Economist proposition suggests that "resentment over inequality is growing ever more vocal … is taxing the rich more heavily necessary to buy social peace?""
No, it is not  necessary. Just return the confiscated citizen dividends .
5) "There are fundamental reasons why big governments do not work very well. As taxes rise, resources are shifted from more efficient private activities to less efficient government activities."
It is time to stop pretending that the confiscated citizen dividends are being well spent on community projects for the social goods of the people. There is a video to illustrate this (Oil2cash).

Time for us to demand the return of our citizen dividends.

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