Feb 8, 2014

Stop globalising inequality. Part I. Stop the tsunami of foreign wealth.

"Radical plans to stop rich overseas residents who live outside the EU buying British houses – as well as tight restrictions on them acquiring "newbuild" properties as investments – will be published in a report by a leading rightwing thinktank on Monday.

Free-market organisation Civitas castigates government ministers for allowing wealthy foreign investors to stoke a property boom that it says is driving up prices and locking millions of UK citizens out of the housing market. "
Addressing inequality of people inside a country is not sufficient when a country allows people outside the country to hoard up properties in the country.

The poor locals in a country face not just a local /national inequality in wealth but the global inequality. Poor Londoners have to face the tsunami of wealth from the super-rich Saudis, Chinese, Indians, Germans, Japanese, Malaysians, Indonesians, French, South Africans, and from every country in the world.

When the tsunami comes in, do you float higher or do you go under?

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