Jan 8, 2014

Citizen ownership. Property-owning democracy.

Citizen ownership: the lost radicalism of the centre? | openDemocracySTUART WHITE 8 November 2013

The above is an excellent writing about citizen-ownership democracy, or what it calls "Property-owning democracy."
"The state can itself build up a stake in national wealth and distribute this as income to citizens. For much of his career Meade was an advocate of what he termed ‘Topsy Turvy Nationalization’. He was not supportive, in general, of the state buying up private sector firms and then trying to manage them. But he did strongly support the creation of a state investment fund. The state would own a portfolio of assets across the economy. The return on these assets could then be returned to the citizenry, e.g., as a uniform social dividend or basic income."
The sad situation is that every state confiscates all the national wealth into its own coffer. Even when the state has a gigantic national wealth, the citizens get nothing.

Citizens need to assert their right to all those monies.

P.S. "Property-owning democracy" has been used with many different meanings. Property-Owning Democracy: A Short History

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