Jan 4, 2014

Character and Citizenship Education. The forbidden lesson.

New character and citizenship education textbooks launched in schools. Singapore introduces a new syllabus for its "Character and Citizenship Education."

Students will never get this lesson from their schools.

The forbidden lesson
Every rock, every stone in this country belongs to you.
Every drop of water, every drop of oil in this country belongs to you.
Every tree, every plant in this country belongs to you.
Every cent, every dollar in the state treasury belongs to you.
You are the true owners of your country.
It is your right to receive citizen dividends from your ownership of this country.
By protecting your citizen dividends, you protect your country.

Questions for this lesson
1. Is it alright to pluck mangoes from the trees along the roads in your neighborhood?
2. Where is your share of the mangoes since you are the owners of this country?
3. What are the right ways to share the mangoes among all citizens? Note the word "ALL".

Those who prefer a more colorful lesson, please see the declarations of the Ubuntu Party of South Africa.

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