Jan 26, 2014

Another great report of what happen when people are given "free" money

What Happens When the Poor Receive a Stipend?

What Happens when Poor People get Cash? An Empirical Study

These are reports about the citizen dividends of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains. They run a business where (half the?) profits are distributed equally to everyone. The report mentioned improvement of health and education, and many other measures.

Here is a quick estimate of cost by a reader:

Luther Rotto

St. Cloud, MN
Interesting study.
Let's see: 7,354,000 US kids in "extreme poverty" [US census figures] x $6000 = $44,124,000,000 -- yeah that's $44%2B Billion.
The US military acquisition budget = $167.6 Billion [and that's just for NEW stuff - Defense Dept FY2014 budget request figures].
In other words about four times the money-for-kids amount.
Now, I'm all for defense against threats to our way of life. But it seems to me having a hungry, poorly educated, angry citizenry IS a threat to our way of life -- and one worthy of significant 'defense' expenditures. Somehow I think we could do with 25% less spent on shiny new weapons aimed at no one in particular.

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