Jan 25, 2014

100 UBI-men or UBI-women. That's all we need to change the world.

100 UBI-men or UBI-women. That's all we need to change  the world.

There is every reason to believe that voters will accept a huge citizen dividend, a permanent citizen dividend that they will receive year after year.

If you are told that you will get $10,000 citizen dividend year after year, your parents, children and grandchildren will also each get $10,000 citizen dividend year after year, will you not accept this offer?

The only questions that voters may ask are "Are you sure?", "Where will you find the money?" and "Are you taxing me more?" It is easy to demonstrate that Singapore's common wealth can support such a citizen dividend without increasing any tax. So this is a real offer, not a pie in the sky.

Here's where the UBI-men come in. A UBI-man, or a UBI-woman, is a person who stands for election purely for the purpose of setting up an unconditional basic income, also known as a citizen dividend. The aim of the UBI-men is to get into the Parliament, and change the Constitution so as to create and protect a permanent citizen dividend fund and annual/monthly distribution of citizen dividend.

The Singapore Parliament has only about 100 elected and nominated seats. 100 UBI-men is enough to change the Constitution. Singapore need not be the sparking point for a global change. 100 UBI-men in Alaska will also change the world. The Alaska Permanent Fund dividend uses only a very small percentage of Alaska oil wealth. If and when Alaska puts 100% of its oil wealth into their Fund, citizens all over the world will be shocked into action by the huge dividend. 100 UBI-men in Norway will also be enough to institute a very substantial citizen dividend.

When one country succeeds with its unconditional basic income, citizens in every country will demand their unconditional basic income.

100 UBI-men or UBI-women. That's all we need to change the world.

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