Nov 21, 2013

The Road Less Traveled: Slate Understands: Basic income / Citizen dividend

The Road Less Traveled: Slate Understands::
"Anyone who doesn't support the citizen's dividend is evil and a worthless human being."
"If the [basic income] policy is just passed once, anywhere, and shown to work, people from all around the world, the citizens in every country, will rise up in indignation that their governments aren't offering the same benefits to them. They'll ask their representative democracies why Switzerland has a basic income while they are still left to starve homeless on the streets.
And they will flood into the voting booths and elect the first party that changes its platform to "FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE, WE JUST WANT A BASIC INCOME." The entire first world will become paradise on Earth overnight. And we're only one Swiss referendum away. If only. If only."
Yes, the world is waiting for the spark for revolution. Will the spark happen in Switzerland?

When the poor realize that they are taxed at 100%, there has to be a revolution.

Unlike the communist revolution, this will be peaceful.
Unlike the communist revolution, this will be effective.

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